Discovery • Design • Develop • Test • Approval • Completion


Our development process is built upon the concept of constant client approval and complete transparancy. The process is also tailored so the client is not locked into our services after the project is completed which gives the client freedom to host where they want, add whatever features they want, and use the services of any developer they want (including us again)!

Phase 1: Discovery

The purpose of the discovery phase is to go over in depth on what features, requirements, and content the client wants and what technologies, architecture, and solutions will be needed to complete the project. This phase is typically an in person interaction or through telecommunications. After the client's idea and requirements are laid out, a quote will be delivered and await the client's approval.

Image of Discovery

Phase 2: Design

Once the client approves the quote for the project, milestones are established, deadlines are tied to milestones, contracts are negociated, and the client pays the project start up fee a meeting will take place again to go over the design of any graphical user interfaces and additional resources required such as videos, written content, images, and logos. This phase also lays out the design of any databases or APIs if necessary.

Image of Design

Phase 3: Development

At this point we are ready to begin development milestone by milestone and the client may ask to see proof of progress at any point. Any graphical user interfaces will be shown to the client for approval.

Image of development

Phase 4: Test

While testing occurs during the development phase a dedicated milestone of in depth testing may be applied to the project upon client approval.

Image of testing

Phase 4: Approval

This phase is all about client satisfaction and whether the project developed meets the specifications and requirements that set to be accomplished in the discovery phase. We also allow a number of small changes to be made if the client has changed their mind about content or functionality, but if the change is deemed too large to be done complimentary additional fees may apply.

Image of approval

Phase 5: Completion

After the client has approved the project meets expectations we enter the completition phase. This is where the final milestone is paid and the source code is given to the client.

Image of completion