QuartzBytes is aimed to innovate our community and its business presence by providing cutting edge technology.

About Us

QuartzBytes LLC is a custom software company based in Maricopa, AZ that was founded July 23, 2019 by Richard Avila. We offer modern software solutions tailored to each client's specific needs with fair pricing and client satisfaction in mind.

Our Values


We treat our clients as close friends that they can rely on. Our clients can always look to us for trust, support, and respect.


Our society's health and growth is very important to us, and we feel it is our duty to help those in need. We value charity, and improving the quality of life in our community.

Future Developers

We believe the growth of future generations of software engineers and developers will be a deciding factor for our community as well as our clients. We will host workshops and offer guidance to upcoming developers and those interested in the craft.

About the Owner

"I look forward to meeting you, and applying solutions to your problems. I've been solving complex problems utilizing my technical skills for over five years with multitudes of languages, platforms, and frameworks. I take pride in my company, and I treat every line of code as if it had my name on it. I choose to benefit my community, clients, and future developers with every decision I make. Get in touch with us; lets make an impact."

- Richard Avila

Image of Richard