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We are a custom software company specializing in desktop applications, web applications, database development, and hosting services. Here at QuartzBytes LLC, we take your ideas from the white board to reality. Whether you have a business in need of automating tedious processes or looking to add new software to your digital infrastructure, we are ready to offer you a custom solution to fulfill your needs.

Lets build your idea.

Web Development

Our custom web application development utilizes the latest technologies to provide a rich user experience that follows the latest industry standards and design trends.

  • Cross Browser Compatible

  • Mobile Compatible

  • Responsive Design

  • Basic Search Engine Optimization

  • Fast Load Times

  • Sitemap and Robots.txt

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Serverless Cloud Hosting

Our hosting services are through Microsoft Azure which allow for quick time-to-market and easily scale with your business.

  • Built-in Load Balancing

  • Highly Secure

  • Global Scale With High Availability

  • Analytical Insights

Web API Development

Application programming interface (API) development is key for automating many work flows of your business. They can help integrate two or more applications to add value to your existing software. Whether your API is an automation of a business function, a product, or software as a service (SaaS) these powerful applications are quickly becoming a hot commodity for all businesses.

  • Service Integration

  • Automation

  • Centralization of Business Logic

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Desktop Applications

Our desktop solutions leverage the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) UI framework to offer our clients modern, crisp, and powerful solutions utilizing C# and the .NET framework.

  • Responsive Design

  • Rich UI and Customization

  • Extensive Processing Capability

  • High Performance

Database Development

Data is everything these days, and we can integrate the power of a Structured Query Language (SQL) into your solutions to quickly and efficently collect, manage, and manipulate data.

  • Centralized Data Storage

  • Scalability

  • Multiple System Integration

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Android Mobile Development

With more people using mobile devices than desktops, a custom android application is an idea method to stand out from the competition!

  • Native Look and Feel

  • Native Development

  • High Performance

About the Owner

"I look forward to meeting you, and applying solutions to your problems. I've been solving complex problems utilizing my technical skills for over five years with multitudes of languages, platforms, and frameworks. I take pride in my company, and I treat every line of code as if it had my name on it. I choose to benefit my community, clients, and future developers with every decision I make. Get in touch with us; lets make an impact."

- Richard Avila

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